Techy Thursday - Don't Leave Home Without Them

It’s winter and obviously my ‘grab n go’ summertime pack has needed a reset. Where tiny dry flies once dominated, bright, flashy streamers and bullet weights now sit and that 6x co-polymer certainly looks lonely back home on the shelf. No matter how organised we think we are, there are always certain items you shouldn’t leave home without, and for me, these three things stay close at hand whenever I venture out on a winter wander.

Loon Mitten Scissor Clamps. Bulky gloves, cold fingers or just needing forceps asap, Loon Mitten Scissor Clamps allow you to crimp barbs, remove hooks and trim indicators in a flash, with either hand, without requiring the skills of a Russian contortionist. High quality surgical steel, the rust resistant matt finish makes these at home on the winter rivers as well as the springtime estuaries.

Loon Deep Soft Weight. Get your size 16 PT’s into the zone, sink those buoyant, yarn egg patterns or coat the cone on that Mr Glister to really get down on the swing, the common factor here is depth. In winter if you’re not getting down then you’re not getting anywhere, so a pot or two of this non-toxic, reusable tungsten putty is always close at hand.

Airflo Streamer Max line. I’m always carrying a spare reel and it’s usually loaded with an Airflo Streamer Max. Ideal for covering maximum ground whether swinging a river, working a stillwater drop-off or pulling smelt where the river meets the sea, this integrated sink tip/shooting head offers easy distance and serious, controlled depth.