Team Tuesday - essential Flyfisher

As soon as I arrive in Launceston the first thing on my mind is coffee. Now I can’t say I’ve tried every coffee joint in Launceston but next time you’re in town head over to Bread and Butter, trust me.

Okay, onto the flyfishing…

essential Flyfisher, located in the heart of Launceston is a must visit for Australian and International fly fishos alike. One of very few dedicated fly shops in the country, essential is one of those shops where time seems to stand still, until you look at your watch..

You’ll find yourself going through the plethora of unique and wonderful tying material, talking the latest and greatest in rod, reel and line technology, taking 25 minutes deciding which shade of pink is best for your shrimp flies and getting an occasional sideways glace from the resident shop dog, Jock.

Mike and Jules Stevens own and operate essential and are in the shop day in, day out to provide Tasmania and in fact Australia with their high-quality service, expertise and the gear we all need to make the most of our time on the water.

Mike is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to flyfishing. In particular, his knowledge of Tasmania and her world class wild trout fishery is out the gate. He has fly fished across the world for numerous fresh and saltwater species, picking up an in depth understanding of fly rods, reels and lines and how they work together mechanically to help find your ideal set up.

Jules has grown the largest range of women’s flyfishing apparel in the country and dedicates herself to being one of the most knowledgeable and thorough flyfishing apparel retailers around. She also out fishes Mike, which is awesome.

Add to this dynamic duo, Allan Davey. Allan has been in the industry for many years, guides from the shop, and basically does all of the heavy lifting. Another wealth of knowledge, in particular when it comes to technique and fly selection. Make sure to pick his brain if you have the chance.

Jock will greet you at the door and then just sits in his dog bed, I don’t even know why they pay him…

So, if you find yourself in beautiful Launceston, or are planning a trip to Tasmania, stop by 105 York Street and watch your day disappear.