Airflo Streamer Max Integrated Heads


These are a great advancement on Teeny's original T Series lines. Firstly the Airflo heads sink faster than anything on the market, their slim profile means even in fast current they get down quick. At the back of the head the intermediate section is a lot more durable than anything else I've seen, what's more it makes casting a lot smoother. Then the floating running line is great for deep wading as you don't need to drag the running line to the surface before you make a cast. I've added these into the New Zealand range as I think these are the best lines for fishing big wetflies in our rivers. From big rivers such as the Tongariro for rainbows or the canterbury rivers for sea run browns, then these are the lines. All you need to do is match them up to your rod weight. In Simple terms the 190 grain is for a #6 rod, the 225 grain is for a #7 rod etc etc.

I keep a reel with one of these in my bag when I go back country fishing. I normally nymph my way up the river for the day and then on my way back to the car switch to the depthfinder and swing woolly buggers through the deeper holes on my way's surprising to see what you've missed for the day.

Complete with Power Core for improved handling and positive hook sets, all stars have aligned to create the perfect sink tip.

  • TDC maximum density coatings
  • Power Core Technology
  • Tapered heads for smooth turnover

Available in 190, 225, 260, 300, 350, 410 & 475 grains