Friday Fly Day - Olive Woolly Buggers

So, I like Olive Woolly Buggers, you like Olive Woolly Buggers and fish like Olive Woolly Buggers. Luckily for all of us, Manic do too which can be seen throughout our extensive range of streamers.

These flies just scream fish. From the long, soft marabou tail, the pulsating palmered body hackle to a collar hackle and any coloured bead to suit the conditions, in a colour which suits most environments.

We all have our preferences. Long hackle, short hackle, puff marabou or string, collar/no collar and what about the head? That’s why we carry so many variations on the theme to keep you, and most importantly the fish interested.

Little Bugger Olive and Peacock

Keller’s She Demon Olive

Woolly Bugger Olive

GTB Slim Shady Olive, Brown and Black

FGB Woolly Bugger Olive

BH Woolly Bugger Olive

Rene’s Skinny Bugger Olive

Burgin Bugger Olive

If one of the above somehow doesn’t get the job done, we also stock an extensive range in brown. But that’s another blog.