Hey! Interested in working for the number one fly fishing company in NZ & Australia? Of course you are. Well here's your pathway, should you choose to follow it.

We're not going to sugarcoat things, it's still a job and you're not going to be getting paid to be standing in a river doing your best impression of Brad Pitt in 'A River Runs Through It' - but Manic is a place of constant immersion in everything fly fishing, and you'll be surrounded by a great crew of people just as fanatical about the sport as you are. And hey, there is fly fishing to be had in Auckland, contrary to popular belief...


General Manager of Sales and Marketing

We are looking for an experienced and energetic sales and marketing professional to join our senior management team as our General Manager of Sales and Marketing.

This is a new role within our fast growing company so we are looking for someone who can add immediate value to the team through their professional experience and interest in fly fishing.

We will be looking for the following 5 key skills. 

  • You will be a fly fisherman
  • You’ll be a well-versed marketer
  • You’ll be able to connect all of this at a dealer level 
  • Finally you’ll be an experienced manager 
  • You will be a fly fisherman

If you want more information head to the Seek Listing here.