Friday Fly Day - The Brown Beetles Are Here

It’s that time of year again when our grassland waters come alive with the first of the terrestrial action. Yes, its Brown Beetle time!

While fish will feed opportunistically on beetle throughout the day, it is the evening hatch which gets anglers excitedly watching their favourite foamlines. However, not many know that often better falls can be experienced early morning after a night of feasting. With bellies full, these clumsy fliers will fall from the streamside grasses and willows as they set down to rest for the day. This is truly a case of the early bird gets the worm.

Manic Fly Collection Brown Beetles

With brown beetle already showing in good numbers in the dryer areas anglers should ensure they have a suitable imitation at hand. I am noticing smaller than usual brown beetle this year, maybe due to the drier winter, shorter incubation period and earlier appearance.

If you’re having trouble seeing your flush floating size 16, don’t be afraid to tie it on a foot behind a high vis parachute or similar in dry / dropper fashion. If the hi viz goes, or you see a sip next to it, set the hook and enjoy the ride.

Manic Fly Collection Foam Brown Beetle

Foam Brown Beetle

Manic Fly Collection True Brown Beetle

True Brown Beetle

Manic Fly Collection Cochybonhu Beetle