Manic Monday - Fast Isn't Always Best: The Scott G-Series Review

With all the fuss over fast fly rods these days, apprehensive would be an accurate description of how I was feeling when I started yearning for something a little slower than the fast five I was using. Don’t get me wrong, the Scott Radian was exceptionally suited to the tasks I bought it for: lake fishing and big rivers, however, for the medium-sized rivers where I do the majority of my trout fishing, I felt there could be something more suitable out there. And there was – the Scott G Series.

Paired with an Airflo Superflo Elite Presentation line, the G-Series 884/4 displays an accuracy and smoothness over short-to-medium distances that is just superb. Mending is mindboggling effortless, and the blank is forgiving enough to have saved my tippet on the off occasion I got a little too enthusiastic on the strike (which is far more often than I care to admit). All my apprehension surrounding a medium actioned rod’s ability instantly disappeared after the first outing. The feel in this rod is brilliant and makes slowing down my casting stroke almost second nature.

What I didn’t expect though, was how ballsy the rod was when you need it to be. When that rare long deep pool presents itself, the G-Series handled a pair of heavy nymphs or a meaty streamer with ease. While obviously not the most suitable tool for that kind of work, it’s nice to know if that if the situation calls for it, the G-Series will pull up its socks and get the job done.

I bought the G-Series thinking it would supplement my other trout rods. Instead, it’s almost replaced my other trout rods! Every quiver needs a fast-actioned rod, though. Long casts, windy days and heavy flies will always have me reaching for my Radian. For everything else though...