Techy Thursday - Three Tips For Fly Fishing In Low Water

Today I guided Blue and Clive onto a headwater stream a million miles back into the hills only to arrive and find it well below normal flows. Gin clear and a still, blue top day. Boy, things were going to be challenging...

New Zealand Back Country Fly Fishing Tips

It’s days like this that you need to bring your A game seriously, and take on a more thoughtful and stealthy approach. Here are three quick hits on how we made it all work for us.

  1. Stay back, stay low and puhleeease, minimise those false casts. Spray from flies and line, line flash and simply movement will send fish to cover
  2. Build out longer, and lighter leaders and present them well. Consider dropping them on the side opposite to the sun to avoid shadows and excessive flash on touchdown. Check out this post for the good oil on handling 15’ plus leaders
  3. Target the more oxygenated water closer to cover as this is where fish are both likely to be found, and are most catchable in low flows. Look to fast water drop offs or riffles flowing against deep banks and undercuts

With a hot, dry summer forecast for much of New Zealand this season learning to work with low flows will put more fish in your net.

New Zealand Fly Fisherman