Loon Stanley's Ice Off Saves The Day

Theres nothing worse than having your winter session interrupted by line sticking to your guides.

There are a few temporary measures to free your guides from ice such as dipping your rod in the water and using petroleum based balms, however these only give quick respite and the chemical ingredients of balms can deteriorate fly rod resins and fly lines over time (noting however that Airflo lines are PVC free and chemical resistant).

Dont worry, MANIC has your back with Stanley's Ice Off Paste from Loon, a non-toxic antifreeze paste which keeps your line and guides freeze free, even when the mercury dips below Zero.

Simply smear it on your guides, and the business end of your line and reapply as needed. Your rig will remain ice free much longer than any other quick fix.

So to catch more fish this winter, keep your guides clear with Stanley's Ice Off from Loon. Because you won't catch fish if your line's not in the water!