Gus, Cam and Chris Went Fishing

Representatives of Manic's warehouse, sales and marketing teams got together over the weekend and hit the central plateau with the intention of signing off the Whakapapa river season in style. And then the weather hit. A few days out it was looking like a complete blowout but we were commited and followed the "you never know till you go" mantra. We thought we'd at least get a Saturday in on the Whakapapa before the weather hit and we had to bail out to Turangi where it would hopefully stay fishable for the Sunday and you know what, we were right for once.

On Saturday we got to the Whakapapa a touch dusty after a few frothies at the campground the night before and the river was looking very fishable although it was carrying colour and was just out of reach of being able to cross, we made Cam check a few times with nervous results. We spent the day working our way up the true left picking the odd fish here and there with a couple of nice ones coming to the net in the mid to high five pound range. Cam managed to find a gap in the willows to throw a line out with the Scott L2H switch rod which was promptly hit by a nice bow, the Angeli's Foxy Swinger proving an irresistable fly over the weekend.

Sunday morning we kept it casual and popped over to the Tongariro for a few hours with the switch rods on the way home. The weather was all over the show with downpours punctuated with clear spells all day. The Simms Slick jackets and G3 Guide waders kept us all dry and in the game regardless.

A couple of fish came to the bank but nothing to write home about so maybe the rumours of small fish are true, or we were just in the wrong spot...which is probably more likely.

All up it was a great weekend of trying to make stuff happen, keeping it casual and having a few frothies! More of the same please.