Friday Fly Day - The Mr Glister

"Streamers come in all shapes and sizes and can be as wild as your imaginations, however to get the best results they should provide a good combination of profile, movement, weight and sometimes flash.

The Dore’s Mr Glister provides all these aspects and is my go to streamer should I be swinging in the river, stalking on the lake or even chasing wary fishing the backcountry. Sometimes there is nothing better to tempt a large timid backcountry brown than a nice big chunk of meat that he knows will keep him fuelled up for a while.

The cone head weight ensures the fly gets down ASAP, especially when you are faced with those tight swirling pools in a boulder stream or attempting to battle the flow in a large river. Once down the zonker tail and glister body ensures the fly cannot be ignored.

Chris Dore's Mr Glister fly from the Manic Fly Collection

When fishing in a river to sighted fish, I love throwing a Mr Glister up and across the fish’s lie, giving it a few moments to sink and then stripping like your life depends on it. Waiting for that moment where the fish inevitably lunges at the fly is pulsating and a strip set is usually all that is required to ensure a firm hookup.

The Mr Glister is a great imitation for the native brown bully and can therefore be used with success in almost any water in NZ, so make sure you have a few handy for those tricky situations, I know I always do!"

Matt Butler - Travel Truly Wanaka