Techy Thursdays - Boobies

Kieron Jenkins is one of the young guys from Airflo in the UK and it would be fair to say that we lean on these guys for tips and advice on fishing booby flies.

Here's a little clip that would be worth watching then below I'll give a breakdown of what I think you should note.

1. After you make your cast make sure you make a couple of big strips to straighten out the fly line. Trout will often take boobie flies as they sink down the water column, the sinking line dragging the buoyant booby fly really makes them swim down and quite often the flies are taken during this time so make sure you are in contact at all times.

2. Keep a constant retrieve to make the flies wiggle and to stay in touch, notice after the quick strips Kieron starts a constant figure 8 retrieve to keep the flies moving.

3. Set quickly, as the booby flies float up at an angle to the fly line it's important to set the hook quickly when you get a 'take' to ensure the fish is hooked well. Notice how quick Kierons reactions are.

4. Kieron is using a Tactical shooting head with a Memory Release (flat) Mono running line, without question this set up will give you the most distance when fishing boobie flies. Another option and a little easier to cast is the 40+ integrated shooting head lines.

manic silicone boobie trout fly

The Manic Silicone Boobies have speckled silicone Sexi Legs to give them added movement.