Team Tuesday - Kelly Galloup joins Airflo

We are more than delighted with the news that Kelly Galloup has joined the international Airflo Pro Team and can’t wait to start working with him on some exciting new fly line designs, watch this space.

Kelly is an angler of legendary proportions and pretty much made streamer fishing on rivers what it is today so having him on the team is only going to strengthen our knowledge and product offering of fly lines designed specifically to get the job done.

This is what Kelly had to say about the move….

"When Airflo and I first talked, I already knew several of the people involved. You would have to have lived under a bait container not to know of Tim Rajeff. I was excited knowing the head of Airflo USA is not a corporate weekend angler. Tim has spent his life in our sport, actually fishes, and understands what lines are all about - not to mention one of the best casters of all time!

What sold me more than anything is the technology involved with Airflo lines. These guys fish at an intense and high level which told me they are concerned with performance. Man was I right. Airflo has had great lake lines for a long time which means the transition would be easy for all my sinking streamer lines. But it didn’t end there. The Airflo SUPER DRI lines I used all summer were floating higher at the end of the season than some of my other lines were straight out of the box. I knew I had to get a nymph line made out of this polyurethane stuff. I was sold

The reason for coming on board with Airflo is simple. Airflo has more enthusiasm and technology than anybody in the fly fishing industry. I am totally pumped to be on board and designing Iines for a company that puts performance ahead of everything else. Strap in and get ready World, there are some lines coming your way that will change everything you do with a stick in your hand."