Friday Fly Day - Understanding Cicada Patterns

Lets face it trout aren't always as picky as we make out, in fact if you have a quick sqizz through the Manic Fly Range it almost seems like they'll eat anything. That said I thought it would be good to give you all a few idea's on why we have so many different cicada style patterns. Here are some of our flies with a few notes; to check out more look HERE

Trout love eating cicada patterns

A big juice back country cicada, the key to choosing an imitation is what water you are going to be fishing

Manic Kiwi cicada fly pattern

Clark Reid created what is without question NZ's biggest selling cicada pattern, we simply called it our Classic Cicada. In this version the Kiwi Cicada has rubber legs added to give it movement on the water and a small sighter so its easy to see on the water. Especially in flat water these flies and the original are hard to beat.

manic Black Stimulator

Maybe we'd sell more of these if we called them a Cicada Stimulator as this is essentially what it is, these flies will sit higher on the water than a deer hair pattern and the white sighter makes them more visible in bubbly water.

Manic Swishers PMX

Doug Swishers Foam PMX (Parachute Madame X) is a highly buoyany pattern perfect for turbulent water, it has a perfect cicada profile and the white sighter make it easy to see.

Manic Chubby Chenobyl

OK, now we're taking the piss right???? Nope this is a seriously good fly, the Chubby Chenobyl has a great cicada profile when viewed from below and the large white wings make it easy to spot. It's also a very good indicator pattern for fishing dry fly / dropper rigs.

Mike Wilkinson Fly Fishing

Proof the crazy cicada patterns work, here Mike Wilkinson from Cromwell holds a nice rainbow that took a Chubby off the surface.