Techy Thursday - Here Comes The Sun

With 30 degree temperatures forecast in the near future it’s time to look at your new seasons summertime clothing systems and what better to keep you cool, dry and protected from the sun than the Simms Solarflex shirt, and Solarflex hoody?

This lightweight, longsleeve top features fast wicking and anti odour technology ensuring you stay cool, dry and presentable both on the water, and apres at the bbq.

Total upper body coverage with UPF 50 treatment (lasting the life of the garment - approx 30 washes) protects you from our harsh UV rays and combined with a sungaiter and solarflex gloves will keep you both comfortable, protected and sandfly free for days on end.

You’re following our blog so you’re obviously smart, and so if you don’t already have a Solarflex shirt in your collection I bet you soon will. Because cotton short sleeve T’s just don’t cut it.