Team Tuesday - Adam Priest Reviews The Simms Riparian Camo

The new Simms Riparian Camo Solarflex sungaiter and gloves make you look cool, which is obviously very important when fly fishing the hinterlands and wilds of New Zealand. In fact the sungaiter is capable of making even the ugliest person look exceptionally good if they are wearing sunglasses and a hat!

But if you weren't aware, these products actually have some other functions to consider. First the Riparian Camo will help you blend into the surroundings of most New Zealand environments and they will also be acceptable in most malls these days. Second, for grip and grin photos the gloves will help you grip the tail of the fish just in front of the caudal fin, which is the only place the fish needs to be gripped if you intend to release it. The fish should just rest on the other hand and most of this hand should be on the hard part underneath and between the fishes pectorals, not all under the guts.

Thirdly, the sungaiter and gloves will help keep you from being bitten by sandflies on the hands, neck and behind your ears when you're untangling that infuriating (just breathe) mess that was caused by the wind, it definitely was not your casting. They can also stop light reflection off your face and help you spot more fish.

Lastly, the sun is starting to get higher in the sky, so this means longer days in the sun which increases your chances of being sunburnt. If you're like me and you tend to lose your sun gloves, you may have noticed your skin is dry, cracked, sore and burnt by the end of the day. The sun gloves and gaiters will obviously provide some protection from the sun which is probably why they put the word sun in the product name!

So if you need to have more justification to buy these products than just for looking and feeling cool, you now have the reasons.

Adam Priest operates TNT Guiding out of the Taranaki region, if you're in the area and want a great day out on the water then look him up.