Friday Fly Day - Smaller Stimulators To Start Summer With

Manic Fly Collection Dry Fly

It’s Christmas and summertime temps are starting to ramp up. The fish are looking up but are not quite turned on to those big offerings we love to see them eat.

Hold back a few weeks on those gigantic stimulators and try something a little more subtle. A softer silhouette or a flush floating footprint in the film will often slip by the radar and be welcomed by even the choosiest of browns.

You’ll likely require heavier tippet to prevent the line twist associated with larger, wind resistant dries however a smear of Loon Snake River Mud will reduce both the line flash, and shadow and will have you back on a level playing field again.

One final tip is to consider the angle of the sun at this time of year and where possible try to present your dry on the opposite side of the fish. This not only keeps the line shadow further from the fish but by employing a stealthy reach style presentation you can keep the surface disturbance as the line drops well away from view.

Manic Fly Collection Micro Hopper Green

Micro Hopper Green

Manic Fly Collection Micro Hopper Orange

Micro Hopper Orange