Techy Thursday - Fixing pinholes in waders

So it's February and chances are by now, your waders have been given a hammering. While goretex is the most breathable, 'durably waterproof' wader material on the market, it's time to give your Simms a health check.

First, clean them... this will unclog the pores and improve breathability. Not to mention, dissappear the funk.

How to clean goretex waders...

* Machine wash on a delicate cycle. Pop the shoulder straps inside of the wader pocket so they dont tangle on moving parts.

* Use powdered detergent, without fabric softener.

* Hang dry both inside then out away from direct sunshine

Now to check them for leaks...

1 - turn waders inside out

2 - spray them with isopropyl alcohol, available from your pharmacy

3 - Any pinhole leaks will show as little black spots. While visible, circle the more problematic holes lightly with biro, so when the alcohol dries you know where the leaks are

Fact: many pinhole leaks remain unnoticed as the whicking properties of the goretex remove moisture before its noticed.

4 - Apply a small blob of aquaseal on your finger tip and simply smear it over the hole. That's all folks!

5. Have fun removing aquaseal fron your finger ??

For those wanting a more in depth, visual instruction check out Brian here from Simms...