Friday Fly Day - The Goulburn River with Erhan Cinar

This summer has been different to most on the Goulburn river. Due to the colossal wet season we experienced in winter the river level for most part of summer has been lower than most years, with an average of about 3000 meg allowing the river to have an abundance of insect life with caddis, mayfly and terrestrials all on the menu. The standard fishing day on the river has become quite predictable with my fly choice. My day usually starts at about 5:30-6am targeting the flooded margins for mooching browns. My fly of choice is the CDC Spent Spinner due to abundant choice of dead insects in the water, if the dry doesn't produce I move to an unweighted Pheasant Tail Nymph which usually does the trick when they aren't interested in the dry.

CDC Spinner

Pheasant Tail Nymph

Pheasant Tail

As the day goes on and the sun rises I transfer my game to Polaroiding the backwaters. Due to the current lower water conditions the fish have been noticeably flighty whilst cruising the backwaters so the best method I have found has been drifting the Manics Hares Ear Klinkhammer fly which the majority of my backwater beasts have succumbed to.

Hares Ear Klinkhammer

In between walking from backwater to backwater I move to the river's edge and if I see a good seam or an undercut bank I throw on Swishers Foam PMX Black to try raise a fish . This has worked well on occasions and the majority of the time brings up my best fish of the day.

Swishers Foam PMX

These have been my flies of choice for what has been the most productive summer in years. Hit up the Manic website to see which one of your local dealers sell these awesome flies.