Friday Fly Day - Three saltwater must haves

Manic Tackle Piper fly

The kingfish that accompany our stingrays in shallow water either eat first cast, or require multiple shots. Thankfully they can be fired up pretty easily when needed and Manic have a fly for all occasions.

Manic Piper Fly

Piper are a huge food source on the flats here in New Zealand, the sight of a school tail walking away from a big wake gets the blood pumping. Fished subsurface it will do the trick day in, day out.

Manic Nyap Fly

I'm a sucker for teasing Kingfish topwater. Seeing them light up and fight over each other for your offering is another of those moments. NYAP's are super buoyant and put out a nice bubble trail, plus they chug really well. Try smaller ones on the glass calm days and bigger sizes around the markers and in the choppy water.

Manic Snapper Bunny

Snapper shouldn't be over looked either and make for great eating also. Rabbit flies will induce savage smash and grabs. And in shallow water they will fight a whole different fight to the deeper dwelling models.

Now get out there and go put 'em in some lips.