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The Flyweight collection from Simms has always been the best choice for ultra-light fly fishing gear. So when Simms released the new Flyweight Vest-Pack, I had to check it out. Simply put Simms has created the ultimate single system to carry everything you will need for a day on the water.

Weighing a mere 680 grams, (I looked that up) the new Simms Flyweight Vest-Pack combines the two essential on water storage elements into one. If you are looking for a way to carry everything you need in one go, this is the piece of kit you need. The Flyweight Vest-Pack combines loads of pockets in front with more than enough storage in back to carry everything you need on the river. You really are getting the best of both worlds.

Simms Fly Fishing Vest

What you will notice straight off the shelf is that the Vest-Pack is made from great looking material. It’s lightweight, ultra-durable and water-resistant nylon fabric, that has a really rugged feel to it so you can tell it is built strong for years of abuse.

On the front, in the vest section, you get two large, quick access, drop pockets and four zippered pockets. These pockets were perfect for my two fly boxes as well as tippets, leaders and the like. There’s also two small stretch mesh pockets for anything and everything else you need access to on the river. A stowable footwear carrier expands to offer more space.

Simms Fly Fishing Vest

The backpack provides 15 litres of storage, which is more than enough room to cover a full day on the river. I chucked in lunch, some snacks, and an extra layer. A couple more mesh pockets on the backside allowed me to add a rod tube and another water bottle. There’s also an internal sleeve if you like to use hydration bladders instead of water bottles. You can grab a range of bladders from any Hunting & Fishing store that will fit it.

There’s a couple of straps for upper chest and shoulder comfort and there are compression bungees on the side that let you dial it in for your specific fit. The Vest-Pack also comes in two sizes to cater to all different body types – and women too!

Simms Fly Fishing Vest

There’s also two other new Simms Flyweight items worth checking out. If you don’t want the combo Vest-Pack, then split it and get the Vest or just the Pack. The new Flyweight Vest is perfect for those anglers who prefer a dedicated vest. It’s got loads of deep pockets with plenty of attachments for nets, zingers, and all the expected vest items. I find that Vest operators usually couple their vest with a Simms waterproof day pack or they grab one of the many popular Simms larger backpacks. You can combine the Flyweight Vest with the new Flyweight Backpack which has 25 litres of storage and it’s made of the same waterproof, rugged, lightweight material that the others are made of. For me, the Vest-Pack covers the best of both worlds and is my new go-to for a day trip on the river.

Simms Fly Fishing Vest

The new Simms Flyweight Vest-Pack is available for $399.99, the Vest sells for $299.99 and the Backpack is $349.99. Get into your local Hunting & Fishing and ask to try one on.

All images ©️ Yoshi Nakagawa