Fly Fishing Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Is there a better way to spend Christmas that by going fly fishing? If there is, we haven't heard about it. But before you pack your bags and head to the river, you need to ensure you've got the right fly fishing gear in those bags...and you probably should also check out the bags on the Manic Tackle Project Fly Fishing Christmas Guide whilst you are at it.

Have a look at the list, check it twice, unlike other Christmas entities we don't care if you have been naughty or nice, we just want you to have the best possible chance for getting you net wet, keeping dry, keeping the sun at bay or just keeping on looking good.

So, all you have to do is get online or get into your local Manic Tackle Project dealer and order what you need for your Christmas stocking. 



Simms G3 Guide Fly Fishing Wading Boots 

Simms G3 Fly Fishing Boot
Gosh, now that's a great way to start a Christmas Gift Guide - the new Simms G3 Guide Boot is known throughout fly fishing as one tough SOB. It's had a massive overhaul since it's last version and looks completely different. But what is constant is that this is the boot guides choose because they know it will go the distance. The boot now has traditional work boot stitching so the extra grippy Vibram sole can be swapped out if you ever manage to wear them enough to need new soles.

New Simms T-Shirts 

Simms Fly Fishing T-Shirts
Nothing works better in a fly fishing Christmas Gift guide than a huge splattering of sick looking t-shirts. Each year a new batch of artist designed t-shirts are created by Simms for your backs. There's something for everyone. Swordfish, baitfish, hard to catch fish, and even close ups of fish. Click here to see the full range and grab one right away.

Simms Artist Tanks

Simms Fly Fishing Tanks
When the suns out, why not get those guns out and grab one as a tank? Nuff' said.

Primal RAW CCC Fly Fishing Rod

There's no better way to get yourself sorted for a summer's worth of fly fishing than with the new Primal RAW CCC. These rods are absolute stunners. The power to turn heads both on the bank and in the river, plus the very best after sales warranty and repairs program in the world. A big claim, but just try it out sometime and you will happily agree. The Primal RAW CCC has taken the best in rod design from a huge range of sources and delivered a rod that out performs rods that are four times the price. Have a flick of one at your local Manic dealer and you will feel for yourself what everyone else is talking about. These rods are flying out of stores, so best get in fast. You can grab the rod for RRP$599 or get a fully decked out combo for $999.99. The combo comes with the brand new FlyLab Venge II and the latest in fly line technology, the Airflo SuperFlo Ridge 2.0 universal.

The Primal range covers so much water, salt and fresh. The Primal MEGA CCC is the ultimate in saltwater fly fishing, but there's also the Primal BLITZ and Primal SMASH for mid and entry level anglers.

For those looking to kick off their fly fishing journey, the Primal range has a great number of options that you get into. Best of all they all come as rod and reel combos where Primal matches the best line and reel for you.


Primal RIPPER Fly Fishing Rod

Primal Ripper Combo

At RRP$199.99 for a rod/reel/line combo  you can get everything you need to get out on the water. Add in a couple of flies and off you go. The Primal RIPPER is the gateway drug for fly fishing. Don't say we didn't warn you.


Primal CONQUEST Fly Fishing Rod

Primal Conquest Combo

Step it up a little more and you are going to be covering even more water. At RRP$299.99 for a rod/reel/line combo, the Primal CONQUEST is a absolute gem of a rod for those with a bit more experience wanting to advance their skills.


New Lamson Reels 

Lamson Fly Fishing Reels

For many years, the Liquid and the Remix have been the go to reel for everyday anglers. A great price, a great look, and best of all - great performance. Lamson did a few things this year that made the angling world take notice. One was to change their logo and drop part of their name, the other was this. Total upgrades to the workhorses in their range...and a whole new salt reel, the Liquid Max. These are reels for the everyday angler who wants to best performance for their dollar. 

Ross Colorado Fly Reel

Ross Colorado Fly Fishing Reel

Thinking about sneaking away from the summer crowds and checking out those tiny little creeks this summer? You need to head to Colorado, or failing that, grab yourself a Ross Colorado reel. These set the bar for lightweight click pawl reels and it's recently and thoroughly updated design brings a beautiful aesthetic defined by aerodynamic shapes and surfaces. 

Abel Reels

 Custom Fly Fishing Reel

Maybe an off the shelf isn't for you. Maybe you've got a rich uncle that wants to treat you? Maybe it's time that you had a customised Christmas with a  customised artist series reel from Abel USA? Hopefully, we don't need to tell you just how good these reels are - but there are none that compare when it comes to being fully bulletproof. Though we've never taken a shot at one per se, the way you can customised these reels, there will be plenty of photographs shot taken when you rock up to the local river with one. These are not for the faint hearted, these are serious performance reels that look fantastic and you get to choose that look.



Simms SolarFlex Range

Summer is all about the sun. Last year in New Zealand, many areas missed out on the sun - this year will be all about it. For those of you in Australia, the sun is everywhere and it's there all the time. By far the best way to get yourself protected from the harsh southern hemisphere sun is with anything you can get your hands on in Simms SolarFlex range. The Simms SolarFlex range is just as at home on the ocean as it is on the river. There's colours to suit all needs.

Start with a Simms SolarFlex hoody
Simms SolarFlex Hoody
Pair it with a Simms SolarFlex SunGaiter
Simms Sungaiter Fly Fishing


Then complete it with some Simms SolarFlex SunGloves and the sun is sorted.

And don't forget about your kids (or neices or nephews) they need sun protection too. Simms have a range of Kids SolarFlex hoodies to keep those little un's free from sunburn too when you are on the boat or just playing on the beach.

Simms Kids SolarFlex Hoody

 And, can't really go out in the sun without a cap. Lucky for you Simms has a huge range to suit every one's preference. 


Simms Caps


Simms Fly Fishing Caps


The ones above are just a small selection of what you can get for your new lid this summer. There's trucker style, high crown, mid crown, there's mesh back or mesh all over, and don't forget there's a bunch of Simms technical hats, like sombrero's and buckets, and even a Simms Boonie. If you don't know what a boonie is, well, you weren't there man, you weren't there! 

The Manic Fly Collection

Fishing Flies

Perhaps you are one of those folks that are impossible to buy for. The 'person who has everything' kind of person. Must be nice. We've got the perfect thing for you. Perfect for you and perfect for every fish out there. The Manic Fly Collection is the largest fly collection in Australia and New Zealand. Countless patterns, fine tuned and honed over the years, along with constant interactions from top anglers along the way. There's plenty of the classics like Pheasant tails and Hare & Copper variants, to loads of custom angler ties like Russell Anderson's Spider and Kelly Galloup's infamous Sex Dungeons

Pop into any Manic Dealer and insist on Manic Fly Collection flies. The fish know the difference, so make sure you do too. 

C & F Design Fly Boxes

Fly Fishing Boat Box

Now that you've got a fist full of the best flies on the market, you'd better have somewhere to put them, right? C & F Design are the leading producers of fly boxes. They don't leak, the flies stay in place, they are compact and come in many sizes. Small, medium, large and boat box. Yeah, enough for the whole boat. Best of all...yeah, there's more - the C & F system is designed to allow you to swap out and change foam inserts in an instant. One box is all you may for the day, but you can pre load flies on the interchangeable fly foams and whip them out and place a new stack of flies in whenever the need arises. Buy a box with 2 foam inserts...and grab a few more for loading up your ever growing fly collection.

Fishing Fly Box

Loon Core Fly Tying Kit

Loon Core Fly Tying Kit

Maybe you're a do it yourself kind of fisho? Hey, that's all good by us too and we've got a way that makes it super easy to always have everything you need to whip up a dozen pheasant tails that someone - not you - left in a tree during the day. The Loon Core Fly Tying Kit comes with only what you need to shove in your backpack when you are heading back country and need to tie. You get the following all in a durable plastic case: Ergo All Purpose Scissors, Ergo All Purpose Bobbin, Ergo Bodkin, Ergo Whip Finisher, Ergo Hackle Plier.



Phew. There's a load of things above to get you into your local Manic Tackle Project dealer and don't leave with out a shopping trolley full of the stuff above.

We have some fantastic customers out there and if you've read this far you are clearly one of them. 

Oh yeah... Merry Christmas!



Cover image: Jakub Kanok @ Dawn to Dusk Adventures