Simms Flyweight Review: Simon Taylor Floats Around NZ

Three days before heading off to New Zealand for 15 days of chasing trout, I got my hands on a pair of the new Simms Flyweight Boots to take along.

I have been a massive fan of the G3 Guide Boots for a long time, and must admit that I was a little uncertain how the new Flyweights would be in comparison. Even though they looked and felt great; the real test of a good pair of boots comes with some serious use, so I was keen to give them a try.

This trip was to be a little different to our normal trips across the ditch. Being hard core Tassie Western lakes fishers who love to walk, we wanted to get deeper into the backcountry than normal, and push further up rivers than we had done in our previous trips.

It didn’t take long to realise on our first ‘proper day’ fishing a beautiful North Canterbury backcountry stream _30 +km day ) that the boots were going to do very well, in fact they were sensational! Over the next two weeks of our trip, the Flyweights proved themselves to be the ‘real deal’

On returning home, my impressions of the new Flyweight boots are they are without doubt the lightest and most comfortable wading boots I have ever owned. In fact, both myself and my mate (who also had a new pair of Flyweights for the trip), both commented on our first ‘big day’ how good they are; they were more like fishing in a pair of runners than wading boots!

The Flyweights helped weary legs on long walks out, and made the painful last few kilometres back at the end of the day (along with the thoughts of cold beer and chips in the car) a little easier. Although light, they are still proved very strong and held up well to the abuse we gave them. The boots design gives great ankle support, excellent grip both in and out of the water and the high cushion dual density foam midsole makes them comfortable and importantly gives good foot support. The boots dried quickly and were very easy to both put on, and take off.

If you are in the market for a new pair of wading boots, I would recommend you give the Flyweights a try. I am certainly looking forward to giving them more of a workout back in Tas!