Techy Thursday - Picking Targets

How many times have you put in the perfect stalk, the fish is there, you’re right there in position, he’s feeding and you just need to send him your fly…here’s where it often goes wrong.

Watching the fish as you make the cast can end badly, and often will. Instead of focussing on the fish, why don’t you take a few moments to relax, and choose a target where you want your fly to land. Focus on this target. I get clients to do this and this simple tip certainly sees more fish to the net. Here’s why:

  • Picking, and concentrating on a target calms the angler and gives them focus. They’re not looking at a huge fish, swinging left and right, messing with their nerves. They’re simply staring at a harmless little white stone.
  • If you’re looking at the fish, chances are your hand eye coordination will ensure, more often than not that you actually hit the fish with your fly. Determine his foraging range, how deep he’s sitting, where the fly needs to drop and focus on that spot.
  • Aiming at a target focusses the cast. Pick a small, specific target. Chances are you’ll be more accurate than if you just ‘send it out there’ anywhere as many seem to do. In NZ, near enough isn’t good enough. It’s like skimming a stone across the water, as opposed to aiming at a seagull.

“It’s better to just miss a little target than just miss a big target”.