Skippies on fly

Saturday tuned out to be quite an interesting day indeed. What I thought was going to be a casual look around the Manukau Harbour with a fly rod turned into crossing the bar in 3m swells to go chase marlin. Funny how things work out. We were out for the day on Arcade, a very sweet rig in the form of an 850 Extreme centre cabin walkaround skippered by the very capable and chilled out, Cam Allen. (hit up Wave Dancer for charters). By the time we had snuck over the bar and set the lures I had been slapped in the face with a good dose of seasickness and it would be a few hours yet before the winds dropped and seas settled, so I lay down and rode it out for a bit while Sam and his buddy George got stuck into a couple of skippies. It was awesome to see these guys hooked up to these little nuggets of muscle and giving the Airflo Bandit 10 weight + Lamson Liquid combo's a good workout. Sam hooked into something much better as well but the fly popped after a good ten minutes of just trying to get some backing back on the reel. No marlin were raised but by the end of the day the seas had settled as forecast and the ride back in was much nicer. Pretty keen to get back out there again, just not in the wobbly stuff. Cheers Cam for the (eventually) fun day out.