Manic Monday - Days With My Mates #1

Let me introduce you to Marek, the chap who loves fly fishing more then anything else! It`s my pleasure to have him over from Canada for a whole month!

His need for adventure and desire to find the “Catch of his life” led him to New Zealand, Slovenia, Cuba, Mexico, and many other European countries but his dream of taming Steelhead always brings him back to BC, a place with wealth of beauty and of nature but most of all, fish!!! In 2014 he completed a Czech nymphing Masterclass course so he could better share his passion for fishing with others and help them tame the catch of their lives! So if you ever end up going that way don`t hesitate to hit him up! He is one of the Pemberton Fish Finder guides in BC, Canada.

Here is a little photo recap from trip #1 -Great weather, stunning fish and no one else around!