Techy Thursdays - Upskilling for hi tech tippet

I often hear people proclaim that 'this tippet is shit, it keeps breaking, it wont hold knots."

Now I can accept that with cheap and nasty brands trying to punch with the big boys, but high end Japanese material is super consistent and strong, precision typical of the Japanese... I tend to look more at the angler themselves and their knot tying abilities when people complain about the main players...
Some traditional brands offer great knot strength and everyone can tie a strong knot with them, however its hard to break a tow rope too. Modern tippet material offers tiny diameters to breaking strain to pass through the water column with ease and reduce line shadow, and unsurpassed suppleness to beat drag. However to get the best out of them you need a little more precision and skill.
Like a high end fly rod that works best with impeachable timing of the casting stroke, or the Maserati that a seasoned driver can corner effortlessly at speed, if you know what youre doing these toys can work like a dream, and you'll get the mostcout of them... If you hack it they crash and burn... The Maserati more so...
The solution? Practice your knots. Each coil must seat snug, smooth and tight. If you work out how many turns suit the diameter of your tippet, you tie precise knots and test them correctly then these high tech tippet materials will treat you well. If you yank that muscle car lazily around the bend, it will end in disaster.
Wet your knots and simply pull them tight, slow and smooth. If they don't feel right, or look right, retie.
Another tip is to use your fingernail to slide your coils together rather than directly pulling on your knot, and stressing a low diameter tippet.
Personally I use the blood knot for tippet to leader connections and the improved clinch for tippet to fly... And Duncan loops (Just for Mr Trengrove). Pick knots you're confident in and tie them well.
Enjoy modern fine diameter tippet materials. They have been designed to enhance your personal fishing experience. Wether they do is up to you!