Manic Monday - David Anderson reviews his old Scott G2

"In the old days, before instant internet know-it-alls and fan boyz, if you wanted to know what was happening in fly fishing, you needed to go to a fly shop. My favourite was the Australian Fly Fisherman in Sydney where my good mate Andrew Brzoz (RIP) and later Gregg Jones, regularly and with great skill relieved me from the burden that is money in exchange for trinkets, baubles and the odd bit of fly fishing gear. One of the more memorable and useful bits was my first twig rod, a 7’6 Scott G series two-weight in two piece. At the time, around the end of the eighties, it was the duck’s feathery little nuts of two-weights and stole my heart on first wiggle in the shop. Even though I couldn’t really afford it, Andrew sorted me out an easy payment plan that never pinged my wife’s highly tuned radar and allowed me to take it home."