Team Tuesday - Team Manic gave it a crack...

The weekend's fishing in Taupo was a bit of a blowout, as per the forecast, with high, brown rivers and wind making some of the mouths tricky to fish but Team Manic (Matt, Gus, Kyle from H&F Taranaki, Cam, Chris, Matty & Adam) persevered and we all managed to get into some fish, maybe just not all landed.

Sunday's high flows and lack of banks to land fish making things difficult for Chris here after hooking a fish at his feet then being taken into the backing in no time. The 10ft 6 weight Scott Radian managed to winch the fish back up into the slack where it was revealed to be only a chubby wee two pounder, not the four pound plus fish we were expecting.

The previous morning we had a bit of success on the Tongariro, it definitely wasn't firing but Matt and Cam got into a couple on the two handers and Kyle and Gus ticked some boxes with the 906 Radians. We popped off to Creel Tackle store for a quick feed and couple of coffees only to come back to see the river had gone straight up and turned a lovely hue of dark brown.

The rest of the weekend was spent driving from river to mouth, to lake, to bottle store...and repeating. That's the beauty of Taupo, you can always find somewhere to fish if you really want to and we definitely gave it a good nudge. If you're down there right now you should be getting into a few for sure...pity we all had to come back for work!