Review - Airflo's New SuperFlo Presentation Fly Line

Airflo Superflo Presentation Fly Line

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Over the past month I’ve had the pleasure of playing with the new SuperFlo Presentation fly line from Airflo. I’m personally a fan of presentation style lines rather than more punchy, aggressive tapers and so the old SuperDri Elite has long been my go to line.

Here are a few thoughts straight off the bat:

  • Firstly, I was always impressed with the hydrophobic properties of the SuperDri, but the new SuperFlo technology is something else. This not only allows you to pick up the line from the water effortlessly with minimal disturbance, but imparting small flicks and flips makes mending a breeze.
  • Less contact and friction from the finer diameter running line improves the shoot, yet despite initial misgivings is surprisingly easy to handle, even with cold hands. I found I still had total control when mending at typical fishing distances so the slimmer running line hasn’t affected this.
  • Braided core minimises stretch for loop stability and the coating is very soft and supple to handle. Any coiling from the reel disappears within a couple of false casts.
  • Airflo lines are manufactured from Polyurethane so suffer none of the durability and handling issues associated with PVC / plastic lines. Despite the SuperFlo’s suppleness I found it quite durable when lazily yanking the running line free of sticks and other lakeshore debris.
  • The SuperFlo Presentation performed well throwing short, yet loops remain stable at 50-70’. Being a trout line I didn’t really need to venture far outside of that distance.
  • Small, smooth welded loops. I’m a fan of welded loops for daily leader replacement on guide reels and find with modern materials and taper designs, hinging and energy loss is not a factor at everyday trout fishing distances. If you can’t turn over a 15-20’ leader at 20-60’, it’s not because of that welded loop...just saying.

Airflo SuperFlo Presentation Taper

If you’re looking for a smooth, slick shooting line this coming season which will go the distance, check out the new Superflo range from Airflo in line weights WF3F - WF6F. The Presentation is the line for most of my work but I’m also looking forward to giving the SuperFlo Dash a run for chucking some of the heavier and fluffier stuff and the SuperFlo TRC line looks like a roll casting weapon.

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