Friday Fly Day - High Water Flies for May

Again it’s rain, rain and rain in the long range forecast here in the South and with two weeks to go in the season we don’t want to sit it out at home now, do we? We all have our favourite high water flies and we know if we fish them well, through the right water then we will get the result. As with many things, my fly choice changes a bit throughout the season, especially now in cooler temps when trout need that little more encouragement to take your fly. So check out my high water picks for May...


Otters Soft Egg Tangerine

Ultimate Egg Steelhead Orange

Glo Bug Watermelon Late McRoe

Both browns and rainbows will be seeing a few eggs in the drift by now and the profile, and colours of these flies allow some pretty bright flies to be used. Commonly tied with buoyant materials, an egg pattern on a dropper behind a bomb or a streamer can add some pretty enticing movement to your rig. Choose something veiled suck as Otter’s soft eggs or the Ultimate egg for added movement and appeal.

Big, Heavy and Wiggly

Kyle's Stone Green

Simon's Ugly H&C

Silly Stone Green

Davis Back Country Stone Green

The aim of the game in high water is to get your fly on the fish’s nose right? Fish predominantly feed by sight, and detecting movement so give them something they can find. Kyles Green Stone, Simons Uglies, Silly Stones and Davis’ BC Stoneflies all sport a decent chunk of tungsten, colour and legs you could chew on for days. And dont just pitch these upstream to drift back down: Work them up the banks, swing them and strip them across the current to bring those legs to life!


Vladi Worm

Jakes Double Bead Rib Worm

Jig Worm

Vladi Worm, Jakes Double Bead Rib Worm and the Jig Worm. Trout love them and admit it - so do you!