Manic Monday - Tarn's not so brown, brown trout

"After watching this guy working the bottom of the pool glowing with a colour that can only be described as ‘construction worker orange’ it became obvious that he was reluctant to move far off the bottom to feed. I needed a fly that would have enough wait to get down and enough size and all round yummyness to persuade this big boy to venture from the comfort of the bottom to intercept my offering. Unfortunately for the fish I was fishing with the man himself New Zealand’s second most handsome fly fisherman Kyle Adams, who also conveniently had a well stocked assortment of Manic’s Kyle’s Stone which certainly ticked the boxes. Sure enough after one cast the fish decided it was time for smoko and scoffed the fly without hesitation. After a brief struggle this not so brown brown trout was displayed for a quick photo shoot and swiftly sent on his way." - TARN McEWEN