Techy Thursday - Avoid The Rut

So this time of year sees the browns moving about our lake systems and chasing them around the river mouths can either be very full on, or as slow as Netflix on dial up. It’s easy to lose concentration and switch off on those slower days however that’s a certain recipe for not catching fish. Here are a few things you can do to stay sharp...

Switch out your fly

One of the easiest things you can do when the fishing’s quiet is changing out your fly. This could be as simple as switching from an olive to a black woolly bugger, or going to a smaller, or larger pattern but you are giving them something different, and getting back in the water with renewed enthusiasm.

Change up retrieve

This could mean a longer, or shorter countdown on the drop, or changing from short fast strips to long, slow draws, stop / start retrieves or employing the good old figure 8. It keeps you thinking and keeps you active. Mostly it keeps you sharp and more likely to react fast when the fish finally strikes.

Change the density of your line

Because your good old summertime floater won’t catch them if they’re 20 feet deep now will it?

Sure, your Yoshi Bugger will catch anything that swims, but more than anything the above tips keep the angler fresh, his mind sharp and approach positive. Treat every cast as the first cast of the day. Because you won’t catch trout if you’re fishing half-heartedly and doing the same old, same old without success affects your concentration, motivation and puts you into the rut. And if the rut gets you, chances are you won’t be on the ball when that fish finally strikes.

Keep it fresh, stay fresh and expect every next cast to result in a fish.