Friday Fly Day - Eye of the Tiger

Forget the fruit-flies! There has been a Tiger on the loose in the Manic warehouse! - and we have photo evidence!

Truth be told, we're not exactly going to temporarily be in possession of a life sized tiger prop and not somehow use it for a blog post... so today's Friday Fly Day features the Micro Bob Tiger.

The Micro Bob gets its Tiger stripes from a side-by-side wind of copper wire - Polished off with an epoxy-flash wing case for extra bling, rubber legs for extra bounce and a black tungsten bead for extra sinking oomph. This is all tied on a curve shank hook which gives the fly a great profile and helps when hooking large fish on small flies.

Essentially this is an improved take on the classic "Copper John" fly - a great small fly with plenty of weight. Great for fishing pocket waters, faster riffle or anywhere you need to get a smakk, realistic fly down fast.

Available in size 12, 14 and 16 for all fishing situations - also available in Red and Chartreuse. Give them a go!