Techy Thursdays - A Totally Fly Tip

Here's a quick tip from the crew at

One of our youngest (and definitely most gorgeous) customers knows a trick or two when it comes to salt water fishing. Isla caught this mackerel on a Manic Boobie in Pink. More than that she took it home and had it for dinner! Isla you are awesome!! Thanks you and your Dad, Meek Zuiderwyk, for sending us this cool photo.


The thing is that while a soft plastic (jig or other lure) will often pull fish in, if they are being fussy they will often grab an easy meal instead, and find these salt water boobies irresistible. Try tying one of these tasty flies above a soft plastic using a dropper. Snapper in particular are suckers for a fly and this is a great way to target them. The smaller hook works well with trevally too. It's a good all round, multi-species, fish catcher.

We have a selection of colours available so grab your favourite combinations, or if you prefer we'll set you up to tie your own.

snapper_booby_brown-orange_web snapper_booby_pink_web


Tie two pieces of fluorocarbon together using a surgeons knot and leave the down facing tag long to attach to the boobie. Fish your plastic or jig as usual for the conditions. The boobie will bounce and hang.

Surgeons Knot:

Is the one we use to join leaders/fluoro/tippet/copolymer/etc. Place the leader and the tippet side by side. Use both lines to form a loop with enough overlap to tie a double overhand knot. Pull both ends through the loop and then through a second (and third time time for diners freshwater tippets). Lubricate the knot (spit) and pull it tight. Trim the up facing end and leave the downward long to tie your boobie.