Team Tuesday - Those Thomas Bro's

Last month I was lucky enough to spend a day with brothers Kris and Leo Thomas, wandering up one of their favourite Nelson locals.

Kris is an emerging artist, who's work has received accolades from around the world. His recent return to New Zealand allowed him and younger brother to re-live the fishing days they spent together growing up, fishing the waters they cut their teeth on.

Sibbling rivalry and competition was non-existant on the river, instead these super-mario-brothers take turns guiding one another onto fish, making each fish brought to the net a true "team effort".

Leo posseses possibly the sharpest trout seeking hawke-eyes in the game, spotting fish from a mile away without pausing his fast rock-hopping. Kris calms the approach with some quick thinking annalysis of where and what to cast. Whoevers turn it is to cast, does so with perfect execution - and result! - then repeat...

As the day went on, the Cicada fishing came on strong - each spotted trout not hesitating to smash deer hair Cicadas or Foam imitations off the surface first cast. Although there were plenty of fished dropped (guilty) the fish that did make their way to the net were top fighting condition.

All in all, it was great to catch up with my pals on an amazing river, but more so it was great to watch the skills of two anglers who cracked the sport together growing up - and now (when they get the chance to fish together) they're smashing it!

Kris is now heading off on another overseas adventure, continuing with his art successes - we wish him all the best, but will no doubt see him back on NZ shores in no time (who could stay away from this kind of fishing for too long?)

Meanwhile, you'll be seeing more of ol' eagle-eye Leo - we hear he's been up to some pretty exciting stuff recently - watch this space!