The Waterworks Lamson Fly Reels

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The Waterworks-Lamson is not a typical fly fishing company. Their core expertise is in product design. Through innovation, invention, design and engineering art with the highest standards, the Ketchum based company has brought to market some of the most exciting fly reels the market has ever seen. The current product line, with reels like the Vanquish and new Force, have established the company as the market leader in high end fly reels. At Manic the reason why we like this company so much is they focus on bringing the best fly reels that money can buy, they don't make rods, fly boxes, waders or anything else, they just make the best reels. All Waterworks and Lamson reels feature the patented Conical Drag Design. Check out this handy video of how best to maintain your Waterworks Lamson fly reel.


Waterworks-Lamson Reel Maintenance and Operation from Waterworks-Lamson on Vimeo.

Waterworks-Lamson Company Trailer from Waterworks-Lamson on Vimeo.

The Making of a Waterworks-Lamson Reel from Waterworks-Lamson on Vimeo.