Simms Stuff You'll Like

Simms Flask

Simms Bottle Openers

 From Left to right: Thirsty Trout Orange, Thirsty Trout Green


Wall Bottle Opener


Simms Retractor

Designed to withstand years of abuse, our retractor will keep tools like nippers, forceps and hook hones right at hand.

- Polyurethane spring has permanent memory


Simms Sunscreen


Simms Lip Balm


Simms Guide Pliers

Colours from left to right: Orange, Anvil


Guide Nippers

Colours from left to right: Kelly Green, Surf Blue, Simms Orange


Foam Fly Box

Colours from left to right: Boulder, Orange


Patch Fly Box

Foam Boat Patch


Super Fly Patch



Waterproof Wader Pouch


Tippet Tender Wader Pocket


Waterproof Tech Pouch


Gore-Tex Repair Kit