Scott Fly Rods

Scott fly rods are an important part of Manic. The reason we sell them is simply because we use them and think everyone else should be doing the same. Scott are arguably the world's most advanced manufacturer of performance fly rods, but not only are they technically competent at making great rods, the guys at Scott understand what it takes to make a great rod - in short they get it. And despite all of the marketing hoopla you might read from many of the other rod companies, Scott are in a league of their own. Scott make fly rods and that's it; no spinning rods, no golf shafts, just the best range of fly rods on the planet. From nice little trout rods, to exceptional double handers or the brutally agressive saltwater fly rods. To learn about Scott's unconditional lifetime warranty then click here. Or to learn more about how to look after your Scott Fly Rod then click here.

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