Scott Swing - All Round Fly Fishing Rods


All around rods

High performance with most line types, these rods are light in hand, can fish from short to long distances, and provide great line control.


As sweet as candy and as smooth as butter. Super versatile and fun to fish, our pick when wanting to fish on the lighter side or targeting smaller to mid-sized fish.



The rod that just might provide the greatest versatility and enjoyment most often when pursuing most steelhead and salmon. This rod is great with both floating and sinking lines, short to long bellies, short to long distance casts, and average sized fish.



Great rod for coastal winter run steelhead or Great Lakes chromers in the Fall. This rod really launches a Skagit head with T-14 or T-18 tips and can turn fish on a dime. It’s also our choice for salmon in smaller rivers.



We nicknamed this one the King Slayer. Perfect for tide water King salmon, or giant Atlantic and Baltic salmon in tighter quarter rivers. If you’re into targeting the largest salmon on two handers, this is the rod.


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