Scott Swing - Single Handed Fly Fishing Rods

Sometimes the fishing, or your preferences, just call for a single hander. These are also the finest general streamer rods we make.



Perfect when the species or water call for a single hander, especially when deploying techniques like nymph and indicator, or micro-tube riffle hitching. This is also one of our all time favorite streamer rods for any species.

This is a great all-rounder for destinations like Alaska or Iceland. And don't forget those big South Island rivers.



Yep, you’re in the lineup bombing bead chain eye flies to the opposite bank on sinking shooting heads, settling in for the swing, and waiting for a sea fresh chromer to tug on the line. This rod will cast a shooting head a country mile. It also excels for targeting big steelhead or salmon in tight quarters rivers like some found in SE Alaska, Great Lakes region, or those big South Island rivers.

It’s our top choice for a dedicated silver salmon rod, handling both top water and sunken flies with ease.

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