Scott Swing - Double Handed Fly Fishing Rods


Short and light rods

Exceptionally light in hand and scaled for smaller fish and more intimate waters. Great with both compact and standard length heads, these rods are a pure joy to fish.



When you have the urge to Swing but the fish just aren’t that big, this is your rod. We nicknamed it the Half-pounder. Perfect for summer fish on the Klamath or grilse the world over. Great with floating or short sinking tip set ups, this rod allows you to deploy all techniques but is scaled to maximize the fun of smaller specimens in the water.

It’s also a great rod for targeting trout or the smaller salmon species like pinks with a two hander.



Pure fun. This rod excels at all techniques in waters where shorter heads and casting distances are called for and fish are of average size. It’s super light in hand and transmits a ton of feel but maintains a high level of stability when changing casting direction or using sinking tips.




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