Primal ZEN Euro Nymphing Fly Fishing Rods

Achieve the Highest ZEN with the new mid range Primal Euro Nymphing rod. The ZEN takes all of the best elements of the ZONE and creates the perfect gateway to your Euro career. 

  • High Modulus 55 MSI Blanks
  • Custom Downlocking reel seat
  • Lightweight single foot guides
  • LNR - Longitudinal Fibre Alignment
  • LMS - Low Mass Scrim
  • Codura rod tube with carry strap
  • Cloth rod bag
  • 4pc travel design
  • Supported by Primal Quick Fix warranty service
ROD Length Wt Pieces Actual wt (g)
#2 4
PRIMAL ZEN EURO ROD 10'0" #3 4 85
PRIMAL ZEN EURO ROD 10'0" #4 4 88


We start with our UHC technology of an ultra-light helical core to support hoop strength and stabilise the blank in flex.



This is overlaid with high modulus fibres reinforced with our amplified nano resin which reinforces the blank without dampening the graphite fibres.



Primal’s low mass scrim technology maximises hoop strength without dampening the rod via adding additional weight like traditional glass scrims.



At Primal we use custom off axis prepregs that, when rolled, ensure the important longitudinal fibres are aligned along the length of the blank. The result is more feel, improved energy flow throughout the cast and lightning quick recovery rates.

Things break, we get it. We don't care how you broke it, we will be able to fix it- and fast. The Primal Quick Fix warranty covers you for all breakages. We don't need to send the rod half way around the world, we fix it here at Manic HQ.

Please note: there is a shipping & handling charge for fixing any Primal rod YOU break, whether on the river hooking a fish (or tree) or when your numpty mate stands on it in the car park.

If there's something wrong with the rod that is totally our fault, such as a manufacturing default, we will replace it without charge. Pretty sweet huh? Get in touch with the Manic Dealer where you purchased the product and they will get in touch with us to get you back on the water as soon as possible.

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