NZ Strike Indicator Tubing Packs

The New Zealand Strike Indicator "Cut Your Own - Perfect Tubing" is available in two sizes.

  • Regular Size - 3 Feet of Regular Size Tubing - handles a size 14 bead head nymph or trim down when delicate presentations are necessary.
  • X-Large Size - 2 Feet of X-Large Tubing - if you fish with lots of weight - or big and rough water


        About NZ Strike Indicator

        This innovative and patented tool system will allow you to easily make and remove strike indicators. In less than 10 seconds you can be fishing. You can adjust the depth of your nymph. If fish start rising you can remove the indicator within a couple seconds.



        Adjustable - Places the Nymph in Strike Zone. Adjust your indicator so that your nymph is presented exactly in the Trout’s Strike Zone. You can also trim your indicator to different sizes to match conditions.

        Use the optimal colour indicator for the conditions

        Bright Orange - when sighting is a challenge

        Black - when there’s a glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - amazing how well Black works in these conditions

        Chartreuse - best when the background is dark or in low-light conditions

        White - looks like an air bubble



        100% Knotless - No Kinks. No Slip. No Kidding.

        • There are no weaknesses or kinks as the NZ Strike Indicator system is 100% knotless.
        • Indicator will not slip - even with a huge fish on the line, aggressive casting or high wind conditions -- yet is easily adjusted by the angler when desired.
        • If the fish start rising, no problem - just takes a second to remove the indicator so you can start dry fly fishing immediately.


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