C&F CFT-70 3-N-1 Fly Fishing Dubbing Brush

The needle / dubbing brush / half hitcher are compactly integrated. The angled needle part makes it easy to pick out pinpoints, and the amount of cement at the finish can be finely adjusted. A half hitcher with an appropriate taper can perform a smooth half hitch regardless of the thread size. Very fine brush can make a beautiful picked out body with a light touch without damaging the thread.

  • Made of stainless steel
  • A combo tool that has a needle, dubbing brush and a half hitcher
  • The needle has a slight kink to retain head cement, and the half hitcher has the calculated taper for easy hitching


C&F DESIGN started in 1993 as part of Yonenoi Design which is an industrial design firm in Japan. Currently it operates sales, manufacturing, and export of C&F Design products, and the distribution of various fly tackle brands in Japan. C&F products are unique in form and function and are manufactured in Japan to the highest quality standards. C&F Design exports to over 30 countries and anglers enjoy their products all over the world.

C & F Design's unique products are the result of years of development in the lab and on the water, and it's taken refinement by Japanese designers to create fly boxes, fly fishing accessories, and fly tying tools with such exceptional functionality.

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