Welcome To The Family, Ross & Abel Reels

This has probably been the fly fishing industry's worst kept secret for the last couple of months but here we are, finally announcing the exciting news that we now have the stunning Ross & Abel reels as part of the ever growing Manic family of the best fly fishing products out there.

Not one to just grab any old brand out there, we really consider if the new gear we bring onboard is going to fit into our wonderfully blended modern family and bring something different to the table, and we reckon Ross and Abel have rounded out our Brady Bunch quite nicely.

Ross makes such a solid product with all of the technical features you'd expect to come with a premium brand. Silky smooth drags are the order of the day with a unique aesthetic that you'll only find on a Ross reel. With a range the encompasses the beastiest of saltwater reels through to the classic small stream designs, Ross has the lot.


Abel is the king (or queen) of customisation. If you can think, dream, conjure or imagine it then we can get it done with the super cool Abel custom shop. These are technically bulletproof reels that you can add your extra special touch to and make them so much more than just a nice fly fishing thing. With gorgeous models in both worlds of salt and fresh water you'll want at least one special Abel reel in your gear bag.


The heart and soul of both brands comes from the Montrose area of Colorado, which also happens to be the same home as Scott Fly Rods, so you know the people behind these reels are 100% through and through fly fishing fanatics, it's in the water.

So, keep your eyes peeled as a few of our retailers have stock on the shelf already with more reels, nippers and pliers coming very soon.