The New Simms Flyweight Access Lightweight Wading Boots

For the latter part of this trout fishing season my feet have been treated to an experience like none other, and I’m not talking about a French pedicure. I’ve been lucky enough to trial the new Simms Flyweight Access lightweight wading boots on our local NZ waters and I have experienced an all new level of comfort on the river.


When I say these things are comfortable I seriously mean it. I often dread purchasing a new pair of wading boots as blisters and pinch points are almost a certainty on the first few wears for me, however these boots literally took no ‘breaking in’. It’s about as close as you’ll get to wearing your favourite pair of running shoes on the river while still having the ankle support, toe protection and durability needed in a lightweight wading boot.


As the name suggest these boots weigh next to nothing. Not only does their lack of weight aid in comfort, I truly believe they have reduced fatigue especially when racking up kilometres on long day or multi day trips.

These boots incorporate Simms unique Idrogrip sole comprising of a softer rubber compound which is inherently very tacky to feel. In layman’s terms, the softer sole provides incredible grip on wet slippery rocks (it’s probably as close to staring in the next Spider-Man film as most of us will ever get).


While the Idrogrip sole is noticeably softer than your standard wading boot sole it has held up to all the abuse I’ve been able to put them through in the previous months of fishing and tramping. The TPU scuff guards and urethane film seal are positioned at the high wear zone which works to protect the boot from abrasions caused by frequent contact with river bed boulders when wading.

This paired with heavy duty non-absorbent mesh uppers that repel and don’t hold water are a durable, light weight boot built to hit the trail and go for it.

New Flyweight Access Lightweight Wading Boots From Simms

At the end of the day, if you want to be more comfortable, less fatigued and have increased traction on the river I would suggest investing in a pair of the new Simms Flyweight Access boots.

If you don’t care about any of those things I would suggest getting a French pedicure.


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