The New Scott Centric Fly Rod Is Here

Centric from Scott

It’s been a while between drinks, seven years to be precise, but the wait is finally over. Say hello to the new Centric fast action freshwater fly rod from Scott.

The now iconic Scott Radian quickly cemented itself as a modern day classic fly rod, and in your hands has done a lot of really cool stuff over the last seven years. So the team at Scott Fly Rods were more than happy for it to stay out there doing what it does best, making memories and keeping fly fishing fun but now the Centric has arrived and taken everything that we love about the Radian and turned the volume up to eleven.

Lighter, more powerful, with greater stability and even more feel, the Centric is ticking all of the boxes of what it means to take the best in the business to a whole new level.

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New Centric from Scott

Scott Fly Rods

Scott Centric Fly Rod