Team Tuesday - Peter Langlands, Forager

Nothing feels more kiwi than when that Country Calendar jingle kicks in and you're transported somewhere rural for a half hour immersion in all things New Zealand. Last weekend we were lucky enough to be treated to a slightly left of centre episode with none other than ex fly fishing guide and the other half of the legendary Canterbury Langlands duo, Peter Langlands.

Both Peter and Martin Langlands have a reputation of being exceptionally curious thinkers and are always delving deep into ideas about our connection with the natural world around us. And while Peter does this on many levels, this particular Country Calendar episode was all about his pastime turned livelihood of foraging for the wild foods that surround us and more often than not fly below the radar on our daily menus. If you've ever seen what he does and thought you'd rather just pop down to the supermarket for your greens then you're most definitely missing the point and a long lunch at Amisfield restaurant will open your mind to the variety and uniqueness of the foods available to us if we just dig a little deeper into finding them.

With fly fishing still being very much a large part of his life it's amazing to see where the outdoor world has taken Peter and how he has truly carved his own unique niche in the world.

Check it out the full episode HERE and follow Peter on his FACEBOOK page, who knows what deliciousness you might learn is living in that overgrown garden out the back of your place.

Peter Langlands Country Calendar