Techy Thursdays - Piercings Are On The Comeback

One thing I’ve neglected to mention about our trip away fishing last weekend was the small matter getting an impromptu piercing in the face. There’s no shame in this game, it happens to most people however this is my first proper hooking and there’s nothing like that sinking feeling when you know what you’ve just gone and done to yourself.

Luckily enough I managed to embed it in a nice fatty spot next to my eye that lacked any real feeling so pain wasn’t an issue, therefore I figured I could just yank it out myself or try and poke it through the other side to chop the barb off. Like I said, I didn’t hurt but it just made my hangover magically reappear all of a sudden when I started faffing around with it and just made matters worse by really getting that barb in there. Learning #1.

Having heard a few horror stories from Rene recently about this very thing I refused to let him try and deal with it and luckily enough he wanted no part in it (trust issues?). So when riverside surgeon, James McKee MD just happened to turn up the outlook for not having to do the drive of shame to a doctor got much better.

I’ll admit, I was a complete pussy at first and still thought I could yank it out myself. The stories from Rene didn’t give me much faith in the “nylon-around-the-shank-and-pull technique” that Doctor McKee was proposing but after realising my options were limited decided I had to give it a nudge.

What a non-event. When people say you won’t even feel it they’re not trying to placate you with an optimistic outlook on the situation, you really don’t feel anything. Maybe a slight pop? Followed closely by “is that it?”, then feelings of relief, backed up by conflicting feelings of being an utter wimp…it’s an emotional roller coaster.

Knowledge is power, and this is great knowledge to have so I suggest you watch this informative and hilarious clip of how to remove a hook from oneself. These guys, or should I say one guy, has some serious dedication to the cause and if you’re even a tiny bit squeamish then this might not be for you.